Knowing your learning style

Have you done your best as a student? If the answer is ‘no’, it is probably a best idea to know what is the best learning situation you can benefit the most from by implementing steps to maximize your learning.

There are three learning styles that we have known so far; auditory, visual and tactile or kinesthetic styles. First of all, auditory learning style is good for those who earn the most in the learning atmoshphere using audio or listening. Thus, they are at their best when learning from lectures/teacher speaking, comprehending audio recording. The second learning style is visual learning style. This learning situation is good for learners who like reading and like to see things written out. Thus, they usually picture things in their head to remember them. The third one, kinesthetic learning style is good for those who enjoy hands on learning. Therefore, they are the ones who like puzzles and mazes and they can put things together without instructions.

If you are auditory type of learner, here are the things that may help you. First, you need to take note while listening to teacher talking/lectures. Read notes and textbook materials into recorder, so in time for revision you could listen to this recording. Second, you need to join a study group and participate actively in the group discussion. Third, when understanding and handling a task, you could read the instruction aloud and read-repeat importants steps aloud. Finally explain and present the result of discussion to the other members of the group.

For those who posses visual learning style, you need to watch the instructor and take note during the learning. This can be done through drawing diagrams, charts or tables. You could also organize the notes by rewriting and highlighting the notes. Second, you could visualize the words and facts you need to memorize. You could do this by outlining them. Then finally you must use this outline to review the notes as often as possible.

For tactile/kinesthetic learners, what you could do is memorizing or having drills while walking. Second, you can make list or write things out several times. You could also use computer and hand-on study aid like calculator or even handphone to help you learn better. Thirdly, you could maximize your learning by role-playing or doing simulation. Finally you could use flashcard to organize information and the most importantly is you must participate in discussion and actively ask any questions.

To conclude, while many students succeed in their study for some reasons, a lot of the students still do not know how to study well and where to start. My feeling is that knowing these types of learning styles are essentials and could help those who have difficulty in learning.

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