Knowing your learning style

Have you done your best as a student? If the answer is ‘no’, it is probably a best idea to know what is the best learning situation you can benefit the most from by implementing steps to maximize your learning. There are three learning styles that we have known so far; auditory, visual and tactile or kinesthetic styles. First of all, auditory learning style is good for those who earn the most in the learning atmoshphere using audio or listening. Thus, they are at their best when learning from lectures/teacher speaking, comprehending audio recording. The second learning style is visual learning style. This learning situation is good for learners who like reading and like to see things writte

Puncak gunung es (iceberg)

A picture is worth a thousand words, some might say. Let's put this into practice. An iceberg according to this online dictionary is: A image of an icebeg may look like this: In Indonesian or Bahasa Indonesia this word appeared in the national daily as it relates to a certain current affairs. For most Indonesian, the word iceberg (puncak gunung es - three words in Indonesian), certainly did paint a thousand word. Would you agree? :)


An interesting video on Sign Language Interpreter

How to choose your translators and/or interpreters

Choosing your translators or interpreters is an easy task. How so you may ask? First of all, translators are here to provide you with a service when it is to do with written sources so, these individuals help to render with writing. Second, interpreters help you with your foreign language need in the matters of speaking. Let's say you need your documentation such as manuals, website into a foreign language you'll be needing the translators' services. Now, if you are travelling to a holiday destination and you are lost in understanding the local language then interpreters' help is what you need. And it's that simple. Hope this helps.

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